Located at the edge of the wolfswood, the holdfast village is a pleasant enough place, though neither idyllic nor possessing any unique charm. It is a small community that supports roughly 100 smallfolk, who make their livings in the wolfswood as hunters (sanctioned, of course, by Lord Locke), or as labourers in the nearby stone quarry. Many more of the smallfolk tend small crofts, a portion of their harvest going to Oldcastle. The remainder of the village folk are craftsmen, their days spent making goods for sale or barter in Ameth or other nearby holdfasts.

Ameth has few visitors aside from those going to or from Oldcastle or those on the long walk north to take the black at the Wall, and thus there is no proper inn. Anyone wishing to find lodging for the night is best served seeking floor or bench space at the village’s common house – Jarred’s, or negotiating with other residents of Ameth for hospitality.

Physically, the holdfast is not much to look at: a small collection of cottages; a slat-roofed common house and small stable; a working smithy; a grain mill beside a slight creek; and a small shrine to the Old Gods (not a proper weirwood, though). The village’s small common house serves as its meeting place, a village store, and also as store house for Oldcastle’s share of the harvest. An old, ruined guard tower sits several hundred yards outside of the village’s centre, long abandoned by the village folk. The tower has recently been commissioned by Lord Locke to be rebuilt.

Ameth’s nominal leader is a portly, sour-faced fellow named Old Jak, who runs the common house and collects and holds the taxes and shares of harvest due Oldcastle. He is honest and loyal to Oldcastle, though his demeanour masks a kind heart.

People at Ameth


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