Intrigue by letter

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Uses Language Ability with bonus dice from the appropriate Specialty.

Intrigue by Letter can come in several formats.
Simple Intrigues: One roll and if Influence is acheived than it was successful.

Basic Intrigues: One roll and result is determined by how successful the Intrigue. Influence must be acheived regardless of the Degree of Success.
From 1 degree of success to 4 degrees and then Compelled. The result is stronger per step.
For example, a letter to Convince an neighboring House to support your efforts against a rival House might look like this:
1 Degree and the House may agree to not interfere with your efforts
2 Degrees and the House may secretly aid you
3 Degrees and House may openly support you with supplies and non combat type aid
4 Degrees and House may provide limited military support
Compelled and the House will join your cause with it’s own army

Standard Intrigues: will involve writing a response letter and the Intrigue is drawn out similar to a normal Standard Intrigue over a number of rounds until the Intrigue is resolved.

Complex Intrigues: Like the normal Complex Intrigue, a predetermined number of Victory Points must be acheived.

A critical failure may worsen any future Intrigue attempts, whether by letter or in person.
Seal letter!

Intrigue by letter

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