An ancient castle located in the Wolfswood. Oldcastle is the seat of House Locke. Legend claims that Brandon the Builder helped in the construction. Currently, only half the castle is inhabited and used. The other half has fallen into a bit of disrepair.

Oldcastle is located near the terminus of the west fork of The White Knife, deep in the
heart of the wolfswood between the kingsroad to the east, and Deepwood Motte and the coast
to the west. South of Oldcastle is Torrhen’s Square.

The ancient castle is immense and in terrible condition, with crumbling walls and a
huge weirwood in its midst. Despite this, Oldcastle has been a good home to the Lockes, and
the location deep within the wolfswood means it has rarely been assailed.

Oldcastle’s walls include an inner castle sheltering a weirwood, stables, a small tower
for the maester’s use, a barracks, a smithy, ample storehouses, and other features standard to
a house’s seat.

Family and Retainers of House Locke

People of Oldcastle and its surrounds

Members of the guard or military

The Lands and Holding of House Locke



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