Thedric Locke The Raven of Wolfswood

1st Child of Lady Celia


Adult Schemer/Leader
Age: 18
Abilities and Specialties

Agility 4 Quickness 1B
Awareness 4 Notice 1B
Cunning 4 Memory 1B
Endurance 3
Fighting 3 Fencing 2B
Knowledge 2 Streetwise 1B
Language 3 (Common)
Persuasion 4 Charm 1B
Status 4 Reputation 2B
Thievery 1
Warfare 4(5 w/Strategy) Command 2B; Strategy 1B
Will 3

Base Attributes
Combat Defense 12(13) Intrigue Defense 12 Critical Hit: 21(22)
Health 9 Composure 9
Ring Mail: AR 4; AP –2; Bulk 1 (Move 4 yds)
Braavosi Blade: 4T+1B+1 (4 dmg; defensive 1, fast) Reach 1 Passive fighting: 17
Left handed Dagger: 4T
1B (3 dmg, Defense +2, Offhand 1) Reach 0 Passive Fighting: 17
Destiny 1 Points
Benefits: Attractive, Cohort, Connections, Expertise (Strategy), Expertise (Fencing), Wealthy
Wealth: 99 GD
EXP Remaining: 0
Drawbacks: Fear (drowning), Flaw (stealth)
Personal Retainers: Harlen Waters (100 ss/mo), Gwain Grove (100 ss/mo), Karlin (200 ss/mo)

Attractive (Social)
You possess incredible beauty. Those who are susceptible to such looks find it hard to concentrate when in your presence.

Whenever you roll a Persuasion test, you may re-roll a number of 1s equal to half your Persuasion rank (minimum one re-roll).
Cohort (Fate)
You have a close bond with another character and benefit when in his or her company.
Requires Status 3

You gain the service of a particularly loyal ally. Create another character using the rules described in Chapter 3: Character Creation. Your cohort must have a lower Status than you and must be drawn from your own household. Your cohort is completely loyal and follows your commands to the best of his or her ability. If your cohort dies, you lose this quality and the Destiny Point you invested to gain it.

Connections (Ability)
You have a number of spies and informants in a particular area.

Upon gaining this quality, choose one land (the North). You have connections in this place, and you can tap them to gather information about them. You gain +1D on all Knowledge tests made while in your chosen location. You may select this quality multiple times. Each time, it applies to a new location.
Expertise (Ability)
You possess amazing talent with a single ability.
Choose one specialty. Whenever you test the ability to perform an action related to that specialty, you gain +1D. You may select this quality multiple times. Each time, it applies to a new specialty.

Wealthy (Fate)
You have fortunes from inheritance or through mastery of business.

At the start of each month, you may roll an Easy (3) Cunning or Status test to refill your coffers. Success earns you 10 gold dragons times your degree.


The first child of Lady Celia, Thedric is not the stuff of ice and snow rather he was born of a passion whose fire was rivaled only by the breath of dragons. Years before her arranged marriage to Lord Ondrew Lock of Oldcastle, Lady Celia Darry was a 17 year old newlywed wildly in love with her husband and convinced that her life would become a real life reenactment of the love stories from a young girls dream. Unfortunately, in this instance fate had other ideas. Under Targaryen reign had always enjoyed a certain degree of prosperity, but with the rise of King Aerys their house fortune seemed as though it might rise to rival that of the great houses, but alas this was the mad king and when is reign ended so too did the fortune of many who stood with him. Sadly, this was exactly the fate that was to befall the young knight who had won the heart of our fair maiden.

That young knight, Ser Martyn Darry the younger brother of Jonothor Darry and second son of Thedric Darry, loved Celia so that he went against this wishes of his family and married this girl from a pauper house though he had been promised to another. The brother to a member of the kingsguard and son the man who at least until the fall of house Targaryen was heir to his brother Reymund Darry. A young man who some believed to be as great a strategist and swordsman as the famed Demon of Darry. He would be the master of his own fate. He would marry for love or not at all. He was no prize horse to be given as part of some treaty or alliance. While his rash actions angered initially they soon came to forgive the young man and even accepted his new bride in time. Alas had it not been for that mad king business this may well have been the beginning of a fairy tale life. However, at the break of Robert’s rebellion the Darrys chose to stick to their word, and in doing were one of the few riverland houses who fought on the Targaryen side. This singular decision as is usually the case when one chooses the wrong side in a war proved to be their undoing. It was this decision which allowed a greed young man from a lesser branch of the family tree the opportunity to reach for things that were otherwise beyond his station. Myrion Darry a squire to one of Prince Rhaegar’s commanding generals betrayed the prince giving the battle plans to Robert in exchange for the lordship of the Darry lands. While Myrion’s treachery did make him a lord, it did not earn him the wealth and power he coveted. You see the houses loyalty to the Targaryens could not go unpunished and as a result of this loyalty to the Targaryens led to the house’s wealth and power being disbursed to others who had fought for the newly-crowned Robert.

During the war the young Ser Martyn was given command of a cavalry regiment and task with reconnaissance at the bloody gate and the kingsroad north of the trident. He was to report the movement of enemy troops in these areas; harass supply lines and slow enemy movement as much as possible. While he preformed his duty well, so well in fact that his unit came to be known as the ghost riders, he did not kill unnecessarily. In fact, he was given reprimand for allowing a northern commander whose horse was killed and fell on him to go free after being searched and questions. For these actions Ser Martyn was branded a traitor following Robert’s victory. However, it was his refusal to bend the knee to Robert after the war, and accept the traitor Myrion as his new lord that made him an outlaw. Branded an outlaw Ser Martyn was forced leave behind his young wife and newborn son, who they had named Thedric after his late father, and send them back to the vale for their safety. Separated from his family fully emerged in the outlaw’s life he and the men who ran with him were forced to become the embodiment of their sentence. However, they did not strike randomly they only struck against those who had skeletons in their closets, crimes which had gone unpunished. For this he was hunted down and is presumed to have been slain by Gregor Clegane when his son was still a babe in arms.

Though she had seemingly lost the love of her life Celia had very little time for grief. The newly made widow of a man who had been labeled traitor to the crown and outlaw it fell on her to ensure that her son did not grow up with that stigma attached to him. Thus, when her father came to her with news of a Lord Ondrew Locke head of Stark banner house who had recently lost his wife and having two small children of his own needed to remarry an alliance was forged between House Tollet and House Locke. Though she was a widow Celia was still young, strong, and beautiful and would make a fine wife for the much older Lord Ondrew. The marriage was arranged with but one contingency on the part of Lady Celia her son Thedric was to be adopted fully into House Locke as one of Ondrew’s own sons. At first Lord Ondrew balked at such an audacious stipulation and it seemed as though the alliance and the wedding were doomed, but after learning the name of the boy’s father he suddenly accepted the terms without explanation. The two were married and Thedric became forever more Thedric Locke of Oldcastle second son to Lord Ondrew Locke.

Though he was a mere baby when his mother married Lord Ondrew Thedric knows of his past and holds the image of his blood father in highest regard. He respects Lord Ondrew, for certain, and has never suffered ill-treatment or abuse throughout his life. In fact, he has known that Lord Ondrew has gone out of his way to ensure that he is treated on different than any of the other children, and that intended kindness has always made him feel different. Because of this he tends to favor his mother more, and there is an unspoken rivalry between Celia’s children and the offspring of Ondrew’s first wife, Emelyn. This rivalry has led to there being a perceived rift between him and his equal and opposite is Ser Donnel, heir to the family, thus there are those who think the house might be better off if he were heir instead of Donnel.

While others speculate about who will make the better lord, Thedric gets along well with Donnel, for they are of a similar age, although their friendship is at times overshadowed by their competition. Where Donnel is strong, Thedric is fast. Thedric also thinks things through more carefully than his half-brother. It was this completion that lead Thedric to what might have been a tragic early demise when he nearly drowned while attempting to swim a near-frozen pond. In this instance the ten year old boy created a competition in which the one who swam across the pond and back the fastest would be the winner. The boys drew straws to see who would go first; since Donnel drew the long straw it was determined that Thedric go first. He made the across the pond with ease touching the far bank before beginning the return trip. As he reached the middle of the pond he began to flail about, dipped under several times, and was gone from sight. After several minutes he was found floating face down in the pond pale with no pulse. The maesters made several attempts to revive the boy before final pronouncing him dead. Then without warning his eyes snapped one and he began gasping for air.

He spent the next several days in bed under the close supervision of the maester. During this time he was asked about the incident a number of times and each time he claimed to have been pulled under by a pale creature with sparkling blue eyes. He also spoke of vivid dreams in which a woman calling herself Sephira who transformed herself into a white raven showed him scenes of things that she claimed would come to pass if measures were not taken to prevent them. Amongst those scenes he saw a wave of death washing over the great wall, as the sea settled he felt intense cold and pain heard the screams of the smallfolk, and those eerie blue eyes began to light up the night like fireflies. Just as the scene began to fade he noticed a huge dark cloud massing in the south when he asked her what that was she simply said “a distraction”. She then told him that he must go, and that once he awoke he would forget about her instruction for a time, but that a sign would awaken him. Then as she was fading away she suddenly flashed vividly back into view warning that if he failed to act when the time came everyone he loved would suffer. After a time these images began to fade and were passed off as nightmares brought on by delusion.

Well-rounded with striking good looks, charisma that seems to radiate throughout a room, cunning beyond his years, and a head for the art of war Thedric is the very definition of a young noble. Just a few months shy of his 19th name day he is already a man who garners much respect throughout the north. He captained House Locke’s through the exorcism of Oswell’s keep, brokered a timber deal that has positioned House Locke to because a major player in the north, rallied allies from the mountains to stand against the Bolton’s in a time of need, and seen his men safely through a battle at sea. Thus, men fight for house Locke because they feel a sense of duty, an obligation, but they will charge into a hoard for this man. They do this not because it is his birth right, but because they trust that he will get them through it and back to their families, and for that they love him. Cool and calculating he learned long ago you need to have more than a strong sword arm if you truly want to go places in this world, and that is what he wants power and influence. It is his desire to have his name known from the farthest reaches of Dorne to the Wall and beyond.

While his loyalty to House Locke is unwavering, he is willing to dip into some moral gray areas to protect his family. He is generous to his friends and repays loyalty tenfold, but betrayal cannot be tolerated. While he knows image is important, cyvasse has taught him that a bit of mystery can be very powerful ally. His love of this game has also shown him that the misconceptions others place upon you if handled properly can be more useful than any blade.

Thedric Locke The Raven of Wolfswood

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