Blane Locke

Blane is a young man of 13 years, son to Lord Ondrew and Lady Celia. Blane is slight but quick, and people often warm to him quickly. He does suffer from a weak constitution, however, and tires easily.

As the youngest child of Lord Ondrew, Blane is sometimes forgotten in the family’s politics. His mother dotes on him, perhaps too much. He respects his lord father and is in awe of him – Blane sometimes wishes he knew his father in the prime of his life.

Blane is keen for knowledge and spends much of his time with Maester Sewell and his apprentice, Maester Benjen. Benjen has told Blane many stories of the south and the exotic lands of the Seven Kingdoms, and Blane has a strong desire to explore. While his father acknowledges the benefits of an education, Lord Ondrew thinks such schooling is less noble than mastery of arms. Therefore Blane does not discuss his desire to train at the Citadel of the Maesters in front of his father. Blane knows his father is ill and does not have many years left … perhaps then he can travel south and further his studies.

Blane is especially fond of hawking and has a bird, Tilda, that Nel has helped him train.

Blane Locke

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