Britamore A woman from Bear Island. An excellent warrior and Captain of the 3rd watch at Oldcastle. She became a close companion to the Locke children, especially Elinora Locke. She also developed a close friendship with Nel, the house huntsman.

Britamore slew near a dozen men during the two battles at Oswell’s Keep. She slew in single combat Robar the Redfist, the great champion of Dreadfort, at the final battle. Britamore was slain in the same battle after she rode into the midst of a line of footmen to reach the Redfist. The horde was able to bring her down by sheer numbers. Britamore was an expert with the bastard sword. She carried a great valyrian blade that was gifted to her from Elinora.

Her body was returned to Bear Island, where it was laid to rest in a hero’s tribute. The sword has passed to her friend Nel.

Britamore’s Background

Britamore grew up on Bear Island, where women carry a babe in one arm and an axe in the other. She excelled in the martial arts and eventually left home to find her fortune. The life of a woman warrior is tough anywhere in the Seven Kingdoms, but it is a little easier in the North where the northerners tend to regard you for your deeds more than your name or sex. Although her chosen profession is unusual, she has found a welcome home in House Locke, and a welcome liege in Lord Ondrew, to whom she swore her sword.

Britamore has risen through the ranks of Lord Ondrew’s staff with only minor difficulty. She chafes a bit at being given command of the 3rd watch – from midnight ‘till dawn – and thinks the Captain of the Guard, Lady Locke’s brother Ser Anders Tollet, has little faith in her. She does believe that if she proves herself, Lord Ondrew will recognize her ability.

Winner of the melee of tourney of Oldcastle honoring Warrick Snow.


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