Maester Benjen


A devoted student of the Citadel, Maester Benjen began life in the lush, fecund southron lands of the Reach. Ever an honourable and diligent student, he still sometimes wonder why his masters were so cruel as to send him to the frigid North. It could be worse, he supposes, they could have sent him to the Wall or to House Umber.

Benjen doesn’t truly hate the North, and has found a welcoming family in House Locke. He apprentices to Maester Sewell, an ancient greybeard but skilled physician. Benjen helps Maester Sewell with the day-to-day duties, and also instructs the children of Lord Ondrew when appropriate.

Benjen’s best student is likely Blane, and he can see the boy entering the Citadel when he feels ready. Unfortunately, Lord Ondrew sees the Citadel as a second-rate lifestyle compared to the way of the sword. Perhaps, eventually, Blane can be sent off…

Benjen has found a surprising companion in Nel, the house woodsman. While the two are as similar as winter and summer, they both enjoy a good tale, a good beer, and stories of travel. Benjen’s tales cover the south and the noble courts, but Nel’s are no less engaging for his stories of hunting parties and northern survival.

Maester Benjen

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