Adult/Warrior Age: 24

Abilities and Specialties

Agility 4 Animal Handling 3 Ride 1B Train 1B Athletics 3 Awareness 3 Notice 2B Endurance 3 Fighting 4 Long Blades 4B Spears 1B Language 3 Marksmanship 4(5 w/bows) Bows 3B Status 3 Tournaments 1B Stealth 3 Survival 3 Hunt 1B Track 1B Will 3 Courage 1B

Base Attributes Combat Defense 8(10 w/shield) Intrigue Defense 8 Health 9 Composure 9 Hard Leather: AR 3; AP –2; Bulk 0 (Move 4 yds) Bastard Sword: 4T+4B (6 dmg, Adaptable, Two-handed 7) Long Bow: 5T+3B (7 dmg, Piercing 1, Long range) Destiny 1 Points Benefits: Expertise (bows), Long Blade Fighter I, Weapon Mastery Drawbacks: Nemesis(Ser Anders


Nel’s family has been in service to House Locke for several generations. He has proven himself over the years, and is a valued and trusted household servant.

Nel’s duties include taking the children of Locke into the wolfswood and teaching them life’s fi rst lessons in woodcraft, hunting and survival. Nel likes all the children, although he has particular soft spots for Elinora and Blane.

Elinora took immediately to the woods, and is a very profi cient hunter. She is quick to laugh and funny to be around. Nel has something of a crush on her, although he knows he is far, far beneath her station. He will never say anything to her for to do so would be to dishonour his family’s service.

Blane is a good boy, barely a young man. He likes the woods and hunting, although his physical frailty suggests he will never master the elements. Still, he has the patience for hawking, and Nel has helped Blane train a hunting bird, Tilda.

Nel gets along surprisingly well with young Maester Benjen. Benjen tells wonderful stories about the sights and spectacles of the southron lands, and makes Nel laugh.

While Nel respects Captain Britamore, he is jealous of the time Elinora spends with her now, when she used to accompany him into the woods.

Archery champion of tourney of Oldcastle honoring Warrick Snow.


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