Ser Donnel Locke

Ser Donnel

Ser Donnel Locke is the second child of Lord Ondrew and
Lady Emelyn, but as first born son he is the heir to the house.
At 17, he is newly knighted in the name of the Seven. He loves
his father fiercely, and his sister, too, although she is as fond of
weapons as he.

Donnel respects Lady Celia, and is fond of her at times,
but he would have to be blind to not realize she favours her own
children in all things. Donnel gets along well with Thedric, for
they are of a similar age, although their friendship is at times
overshadowed by their competition.

Winner and overall champion of tourney of Oldcastle honoring Warrick Snow.

Ser Donnel was also the jousting champion at the Tourney of Helmcrest held to honor the wedding of Sylvie Harte and Ser Kevan Manning.

Ser Donnel Locke

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