Thedric Locke


Thedric is a man of 17 years. His father was the honourable
knight, Ser Martyn, who died when Thedric was but a babe in arms. When Lord
Ondrew Locke needed to remarry, an alliance was forged with
House Tollet. Lady Celia was still young, strong, and beautiful,
albeit a newly made widow. The marriage was arranged, and one
condition was that young Thedric would be adopted fully into
House Locke as one of Ondrew’s own children.

Thedric knows of his past and holds the image of his blood
father in highest regard. He respects Lord Ondrew, for certain,
and has never suffered ill-treatment or abuse throughout his
life. Still, he tends to favour his mother more, and there is an
unspoken rivalry between Celia’s children and the offspring of
Ondrew’s first wife, Emelyn.

Thedric is a well-rounded young noble with significant arms
training. His equal and opposite is Ser Donnel, heir to the family. Where Donnel is strong, Thedric is fast.

At age 10, Donnel and Thedric dared each other to swim a near-frozen pond. Thedric nearly drowned, and to this day has a powerful fear of deep waters.

Avid player of Cyvasse.

Known as Thedric Locke The Raven of Wolfswood.

Thedric Locke

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